From Ruin

Jace Braddock

Journal #1

Our master is gone. Our friend betrayed us. The young ones are not ready for this kind of test. I have been in this life longer than the others. I was under the tutelage of Grand Master Yoda as a youngling. Obi-Wan, where he is, gave me words to live by. Master Noor is a great mentor, and I learned a lot from him. These young padawans, especially Kev, are wild and unpredictable. If only Master Noor had more time with us.
I have no time to take in all the events that happened. We now have to run from the Empire and our old friend
Baer, who knows so much about how we have operated. I know we have to go farther off any radar. Master Noor had warned me about ever going to Nar Shadaa but I don’t see we have a choice. It is completely controlled by the hutts and the empire has always steered clear. I bring this to the others, as expected Atome is ready for action and fearless. The Kev and Cirbacca are as flighty as ever. I feel they are in denial of the events that happened.
In my meditation I see a vivid image of an undercover Imperial agent, working for the hutts. With such
knowledge I warn my companions to be alert. Nar Shadaa is a cesspool of the worst kind of sentients in the galaxy. Mercifully Atome is able to locate her black market contact without any trouble from the locals. In the middle of her negotiations I see the subject of my vision just a day earlier. He is standing back from the table opposite me in the room eying all of us closely. The deal is almost done and I am worried this man will bring us misfortune. But I cant think of any action that will keep our cover intact and disable the mans ability to warn the empire of our presence. The others are now leaving the room and I find myself rooted to the spot contemplating what to do.
I can do nothing but wait outside the room to see if he attempts to follow us and tag our ship. I don’t see him
follow and we make our way from Nar Shadaa. Off to meet the contact that Master Noor’s message informed us of I am gonna be cautious of what the force is trying to tell me. I have been granted glimpses into the future at times. Opening myself up more to the flow of the force will be even more crucial now that the others are looking up to me for leadership. Am I ready for this?
As we landed on planet we are contacted by the very person we are here to see. He calls with such familiarity
that I really wonder how much Master Noor has worked with this scholar. Per his instructions we have to obtain credentials to enter the archives of the academy where the clue to the holocron puzzle it supposed to be. On our way we see two men acting as thugs to an elderly scholar pulling him into an alley, most likely to dish out a beating. The Imperial mentality sickens me, just wearing that badge seems to entitle the bearers to be crude imbeciles. A Jedi is meant to protect the innocent and fight injustice across the galaxy. The imperial grunts were cowards. One look at me and my compatriots and they ran.
The scholar is a planetary historian. And his name can open a few doors in this academy if we need it. Time is
short and we need to be off this empire controlled world as soon as we have the information we came to collect. A guide intercepts us and through discussion, telling him we studied mythos and lore on Jedi apparently red flagged our group. Security personnel followed us from then on. However once in the research room they stayed outside and provided us with plenty of privacy. We collected the crate and unloaded all the things inside. Each of us were drawn to a different piece. What really caught my eye was a necklace.
The force radiated off it, I prodded the artifact through the force and suddenly I was hurled back into
the past. I was a Jedi master preparing for a battle. A holocron was at the center of the room and I was placing a stone cover on it. Soon mandalorians came crashing in and started to attack, I was flung to the present. The others were looking into the other items. A mandalorian helmet, a droid part, and a computer component. All the evidence pulled from the items points to the mandalorian wars. I had studied about the mandalorian wars and the involvement of the Jedi Order.
This gives us a solid lead for another holocron. Who knows if this is one of the artifacts that we need to unlock
our first holocron. But regardless it is something we must find if it is still there. Through all the other evidence colleting we know we are looking for a ship called Sanctuary. It was last reported to be in the Cholar system. To the Cholar system we travel. The instant we drop from hyperspace our ship is bombarded with small asteroids and debris from wrecked space craft. We find what’s left of the Sanctuary and with luck its hull is intact at the stern. No life signs on bored but the scanners indicate movement inside.
With little to no risk of revealing ourselves to the empire I bring my lightsaber as well as my ancient sword. We
Enter into the chamber that held my vision. I can see the old robes of Master Val Eesa and I also see the stone tablet that Master Eesa placed on top of the holocron. I failed to lift the stone with the force. I have not developed that skill enough but I know my wookie friend has exclusively trained to lift small star ships. He lifted the stone revealing a strange holocron underneath. With almost no time to investigate further a lumber beast of a droid comes forward from the hall on the opposite side. It looks like its been trying to piece itself together for centuries with ship parts.
The monstrous droid attacks with the usual programmed analysis. It’s clawed arms come down with crushing
Force but my lightsaber as expected cut through its chassis easily. The monstrosity fell quickly. Me and the padawans might not have the best chemistry when it comes other things, but with combat we do quite well together. We search the rest of the ship and find an ancient mechanic droid. Its nearly useless but I think it might be good if we can either sell it to some collector or even repair it and keep on our ship.
We head to Tatooine , where Atome has another black market dealer, Korlish, who we can try to sell of the rest
of the gear we have remaining. Some dealing aside and some podrace betting, to which Atome comes out ahead by a thousand credits. We had set a another meeting with the dealer to examine the ancient droid I figured might be worth something. But once we got there I had a bad feeling..
The man’s agitated and worried state radiated through the force. I noticed he was taking extra time to examine
a droid that was more or less obvious with its worth. After some prodding he simply explains, “its almost time.” then we nods when Atome asks if his wife is in trouble. This is because of us and it makes my skin crawl. The Empire is closing in on us. Korlish then moves a junked part aside to reveal a holo-communicator. It flickers on and I see Baer, the last person I would have guessed.
I have to keep myself in check. Just seeing him almost brings me to the boiling point. The man responsible for
the loss of our mentor. The man who lied to all of us and betrayed the trust we had as a team, as a family. Anger and hate well up, above all else I know that I cant give Baer the satisfaction or knowledge of how affected I am. I steel my emotions, reciting the Jedi code in my head. “There is no emotion, there is peace” I calm down and listen intently to his words.
He knows of the mission to find the holocrons, he claims he even has one of them. I can see the anger flush his
face as he looks at me explaining his hate for Master Noor, “the man responsible for Baer’s old masters death”. I cant help but find myself hating his words. Baer has learned nothing since we found him so many years ago. There is a cry of pain in the background of the transmission and even through the force. I can feel Master Noor’s pain. I want to scream and cut down Baer, but I do not relent my strong calm exterior. It enrages Baer further.
Baer tries to explain that any further deaths or pain are on our hands until we recover and bring the holocrons to
Baer. I step forward to correct his speech. Everything from just a few days ago the chaos that has swept our lives can be blamed on his single act of betrayal, what ever comes to the galaxy from here on can all be laid at Baer’s feet. He will face his fate someday. I will make sure he meets that fate. The galaxy has been plunged into darkness by the emperor and we have stayed in the light all this time, it seems Baer was merely playing the part. I shut the holo-messenger off before he can say anything else.
Korlish looks as panic stricken as ever and he tells us that the imperial lieutenant is holding his wife in a manor
back in Mos Espa. Before we have any chance to react Korlish’s head explodes. A charge seeming to be in his head goes off. No doubt a response to my forceful comment to Baer. I steel against such barbarism and make sure to remember to add this to the list of things that Baer must answer for. Darkness falls quickly. The twin suns draw longer shadows as we break down Korlish’s operation then head back to the town to save the wife if at all possible.
There was no point in hiding who or what we are from the troopers that patrolled the manor so I took my
Lightsaber and immersed myself in the force as much as possible. Knowing I was going to need its aid to accomplish this new mission.
We come across the patrol and I dive in lightsaber flaring, the green blade illuminating me and casting sinister
shadows from the storm troopers. I pull blasters from the hands of two of the troopers and call upon my Seresu teachings to guard myself from the barrage of blaster bolts heading my way. My friends rush in behind me laying cover fire and drawing attention to themselves alleviating the pressure. As I spun and twisted through the ranks, my mind was filled with flashbacks. Fighting alongside Bear, the competition we always pitted against each other. Our talents were a compliment to one another. We were brothers in arms and now I cant see him as anything but an enemy.
I cut through trooper after trooper. And my defense is great but I cant keep up the velocities and a couple bolts
get through I am engulfed in pain and I nearly faint from pain. I hold off unconsciousness for a last attack and I quickly realize that the battle is over.
I quickly pumped stimpacks into my leg and prepare for the stormtroopers that we can here charging from the
other side of the building. Our resident explosive enthusiast wookie toss me a grenade and tells me his plan to drop it out the door the moment the troopers arrive. Not wanting to have another grueling battle I can’t help but to smile at the simplicity of his plan. And the simple plan worked perfectly. It took out the storm troopers and the corner of the building, it was made of sandstone after all. The lieutenant seemed to be confident that no intruder would get passed the squadron of storm troopers, he may have been right if the intruders weren’t Jedi initiates.
The lieutenant gave her up with out a fight. He knew he had no chance. I am sure he is counting himself lucky
that we left him alive, but that is just not the Jedi way. He believes the propaganda that we are radicals and criminals. One day I will be able to view the galaxy as it was supposed to be, in balance with the force and no Sith threat looming over like a guillotine. After this day I cannot wait to fly into the vastness of space. For me there has always been a great calming effect that space travel has brought to me. There I am free to explore the force and perform my saber training till I am exhausted. And now I cant get to my training room soon enough.



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