From Ruin

A Long Road Ahead

Episode I Part I

Reeling from the loss of their master, his students venture forth following his last intructions to them.

They first stop in Hutt space on Nal Hutta, meeting up with Atome’s black market contact Jiram. They identify some suspicious activity, but after selling some of their illicit goods they get off planet without incident.

From here they follow their master’s last instructions, they travel to Eraidu to meet up with his contact Ashur.

Ashur informs the students of a strange Talisman he is sure is related to the Jedi, he urges them to somehow secure entrance to the Campus Archive.

Atome creates some fake identichips and three of them are able to gain access to the university, Ciiirbacca has to remain outside due to the heavy weaponry he is carrying.

Due to suspicious answers and behavior the proctor of the university, Eren Garai, flags the characters as potential threats. They meet up with Ashur and he takes them to a research room where they investigate 5 artifacts.

  • An ancient Mandalorian helmet
  • A ship transponder
  • A storm trooper officer’s recorded report regarding the artifacts
  • An ancient droid component
  • The Ilum Talisman

They investigate each item and research using the university’s computer system and come upon a system that each artifact has in common, the Koler system. They identify an ancient ship from thousands of years ago called the Sanctuary where Jedi Master Val Isa made her last stand.

While investigating the Ilum Talisman Jace is struck with a vision:

You find yourself on a stone dais, staring at a hidden safe embedded in the floor. A holocron sits nestled in the safe’s center. The safe’s lid, a stone block the size of an astromech droid, lies off to one side.

The dais stands in the middle of a large chamber made of dark stone, perhaps thirty meters wide and just as tall. Stone walkways arc in circular patterns arround the chamber.

Even as you lift the stone block into place over the hidden safe, the chamber shudders and you hear distant explosions rumble. You turn to your students and the crew of your starship. One, wearing an officer’s uniform, looks up from his comlink. “Master Isa. The Mandalorians have breached the hull!”

You nod firmly. “Go, I will hold them here. You can still escapein the Santuary’s shuttle”

Your students protest, but you accept no argument. In a moment they’ve fled, leaving you alone. You kneel down on the dais, your lightsaber sitting on the stone before you. Soon, the sounds of combat fill the halls, and a pack of armored warriors bursts into the chamber. You look at them calmly, “I do not seek a fight.”

The warriors howl and leap at you, weapons drawn. You wait calmly, until they are moments away. Then your lightsaber flies into your hand, and you spring forward to fight your last battle.

As the vision fades, Val’s parting words can be heard:

“Do not follow my example. Jedi cannot retreat from the world. They must struggle, succeed, and fail with the rest of the galaxy.”

Using the information at hand, the student’s head towards the Koler system hoping to find the Holocron from the vision. Arriving there, they find a huge asteroid field mixed with ancient wreckage. They quickly discover the wreck of the sanctuary and dock with the ship.

Inside the find the chamber from Val Isa’s vision, using Force Move they are able to open the safe to find a strange holocron. Upon further investigation on their ship they believe it is one of Qel-Droma’s trinity, one of the three Holocron’s their master wishes them to find as it reacts when it is close to Desminia’s Font. Though they are unable to conjure the gatekeeper.

Seeking to offload the rest of their contraband, Atome guides the group to another of her contacts, Korlish, on Tatooine. As they are beginning to enter the atmosphere an Interdictor Star Destroyer enters the system and begins to take up orbit. They land in Bestine and quickly notice an unexpected amount of stormtroopers patrolling the street, and the presence of an Imperial Governor, which is unusual on a Hutt controlled planet.

They meet up with Korlish, selling him several blaster rifles and asking him about pod races around town. The characters also mention an ancient droid and Korlish asks them to bring it to him around dusk so that he may review the components.

The players wonder off to watch and gamble on a pod race. both Jace and Ciiirbacca lose credits but Atome bets 50 credits on a 20:1 longshot named Kellog, he manages to win the race at the last minute and Atome makes 1000 credits!

After the pod race, dusk is near. They take the ancient droid to Korlish who slowly goes over the components. He begins acting suspicious, sweating alot, speaking in half truths. After Atome calms him with the force he reveals an imperial holo device and explains that the imperials have his wife and want to speak with the group.

A call comes in and it is none other than Baer Ardyn, their treacherous former comrade. They have a heated discussion with him where he invites them to join him and when the refuse he commands them to find him the four holocrons that Master Noor was searching for, and if they fails to do so, he will die.

The team hears a voice in the background saying “Enough of this”, they hear a lightsaber ignite and feel a slight disturbance in their force as their master suffers a grievous wound. Baer becomes enraged at Jace’s cool demeanor and claims that Master Noor is responsible for the death of his own Master. That he is following a new path now.

After the holo communication ends, the group begins to determine their next course of action when they hear a terrible popping sound, Korlish is dead, an implant in his brain exploded.

The players go on a daring rescue mission to rescue Korlish’s wife from the imperial governor. They are nearly overwhelmed by the number of Stormtroopers but manage to get her to safety.

The jedi confiscate korlish’s entire stock and begin to plan their next move….



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