From Ruin

Trust in the Force


Opening Scroll

It has been 19 years since Order 66 doomed the Jedi Order and Palapatine declared himself Emperor.

The seeds of rebellion have been spreading and Jedi Master Akabe Noor has decided it is almost time for him to bring his students out of hiding.

Master Noor has discovered the location of a Holocron with vast potential. Located on the planet Dantooine amongst an ancient ruin…

Prologue and Adventure

It has been 19 years since the fateful day that Order 66 destroyed the Jedi Order. Jedi Master Akabe Noor managed to escape the purge and in turn saved his apprentice’s life. Together they found and saved his friend and fellow apprentice Baer Ardyn, but they were too late to save his master.

Together they have been laying low for twenty long years. Gathering a small group of force sensitives, slowly building a foundation with which to build a new Jedi Order.

Hearing hints of a Holocron, called Desminia’s Font, that would provide his fledgling team with a solid foundation and a safe haven, he began searching for this holocron while his jedi trained.

Finally Master Noor discovered the last known location of the Holocron, located in an ancient city on the planet Dantooine. He informed his team of the potential of this Holocron, how urgent it was for them to obtain it quickly.

He gave no hints as to what caused the urgency, while they travelled to Dantooine he spent much of his time meditating alone, clearly worried but quiet about what lay ahead.

Arriving on the outskirts of the ancient city, Master Noor tasked Jace with leading Atome, Ciiirbacca, and Kev to find the front entrance to the ancient jedi temple. Baer Ardyn went with Master Noor to attempt to find a rear entrance to the temple and scout the city.

Jace and his team were quickly able to gain entry. The temple was entirely underground, they travelled down a large stair well to find a room with several ancient droid guards. Several exit hallways led from this room, but most had collapsed and were inaccessible. While attempting to enter the door on the far end of the room, the droids activated and began to attack. The Jedi quickly dispatched these ancient foes, gaining entry into the next chamber.

The players entered a large circular room with a small computer terminal near the entrance. The ceiling and floor had strange circular lines, appearing mechanical in nature. The players use the computer terminal to activate the room, causing the circular shapes on the floor and ceiling to begin to move.

The floor in the center began to rise, and the ceiling lowered to match, creating a strange pyramid and an inverted pyramid that met in the center of the room. There a small beam of blue light held the Holocron they were searching for.

Every attempt to touch the Holocron is repelled by the blue beam holding it. They discover a small terminal at the base of the device, after studying it for some time it became clear that to unlock the Holocron they would need to insert a lightsaber crystal.

Jace, the only one of them with a true lightsaber, removed his crystal and inserted it into the terminal. The beam of light vanished, allowing them to collect the holocron. After much difficulty they are able to retrieve Jace’s lightsaber crystal.

At this moment they sense a disturbance in the force, Master Noor is under attack. The players hear and feel an explosion nearby, several more tunnels have collapsed, including their exit. They begin to quickly traverse the only remaining tunnel, hoping to find an alternate exit.

The tunnels begin to destabilize, fortunately the halls are sloping up and they sense they are getting closer to the surface. Eventually they find a spot where the ceiling has collapsed, giving them access to the city above.

They begin heading in the direction of the disturbance, combating several small squads of stormtroopers along the way. They arrive just in time to see their master, unconscious, being loaded onto an imperial shuttle. A dark robed figure leading the storm troopers commands a squad to stay behind and deal with the players. The players deal with them quickly and make a daring attempt to gain access to the shuttle, but it manages to take off, leaving them on the planet below.

The players find their way back to their ship only to find a squad of stormtroopers waiting for them. A hard fought battle ensues, but the players are victorious.

They enter the ship to find a holo recording waiting for them from Master Noor.

My students, the force has shown me a difficult path ahead for all of us. We have been betrayed by Baer, he has been secretly working with a Dark Force User of unknown origin. I have meditated on the best course of action and seen many possible futures. Obtaining Master Foon’s Holocron was a vital step towards the restoration of the Jedi Order. In order to secure this important artifact I had to give myself over to the Baer and his Dark accomplice. Do not attempt to rescue me, my visions have shown that any attempt made to rescue me before you have found Sunrider’s Palace will result in darkness.

Desminia’s font contains the location of an ancient Jedi retreat created by Jedi Grand Master Nomi Sunrider. Master Sunrider rebuilt the Jedi Order after the devastation caused during the Great Sith War, 4000 years ago. Legend tells us that this retreat created by Nomi Sunrider holds many Jedi Artifacts and extensive knowledge of the ways of the force.

You must discover the location of this retreat and secure these artifacts if you are to defeat this dangerous opponent. To unlock the mysteries of Desminia’s Font you must find a trio of Holocrons named Qel-Droma’s Trinity. I have located a clue to the first on the planet Eriadu, get in touch with my contact Ashur Sungazer at Phelar University.

You are Jedi, May the Force Be With You.”

The gatekeeper to the Holocron indicates no further information, she refuses to answer any questions. The players begin their preparation to search for the next Holocron.


Down with the empire!

Trust in the Force

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